Dozent & Workshops

Through years of experience as a lecturer, at trade fairs and as an instructor / course leader, I have a lot of experience in this field (focus Mazak). On a regular basis, I am booked for Industry 4.0 workshops, as a speaker or as sales / project support. As native speaker English and German I can cross the language barrier without any problems.




When planning Industry 4.0 projects, there are many questions to be answered:


- Is Industry 4.0 even possible with my machines?

- Are all competences in the company / on site?

- What is the goal?

- What preparations have to be made?

- Which steps are necessary?

- What does it cost?

- Which machine upgrades do I need?

- How are the responsibilities distributed - who has to do what?

- What hardware do I need?

- What is the time required?

- Which software do I need?

- How long is the production?

- Which interfaces are available?

- What data do I receive?

- How do these interfaces communicate?

- Which third party suppliers are there to evaluate my production / Industry 4.0?

- In what format do these interfaces communicate?

- Which third party providers are to be preferred

- What can I develop as a customer, what needs to be purchased?

- Which third party supplier has the right product / concept?



This is just an excerpt of topics that companies deal with that would like to introduce Industry 4.0. A base level conversation can bring confidence and clarity to complex issues and the necessary steps. With my 10 years of experience in this field, my expertise as a service provider.